Cell Doctor

Detailed health check for silicon wafer solar cells | 硅晶片太阳能电池的详细健康检查

Cell Doctor: Reflectance Measurement
Cell Doctor: Spectral Response Measurement

Cell doctor combines a variety of cell level measurements and powerful modelling software to render a comprehensive picture of the solar cell’s power losses, areas for improvement, and rooms for improvement. The customer will also be empowered with the complete model of the solar cell in Griddler 2.5 Pro, together with a 1 year software license, from which one can independently explore efficiency improvements and optimize cell design.

We also offer follow up work packages that involve evaluating process steps at SERIS or consultancy at the manufacturing site.

Report includes:

  • High precision steady state cell I-V and spectral response parameters, and comparison to similar in class cells.
  • Components of Jsc (current density) loss from reflectance and spectral response data.
  • Components of J01 and J02 (saturation current density, related to the open circuit voltage Voc) loss from photoluminescence (PL) images, traced to cell emitter, BSF, front and rear contacts, wafer edge and periphery.
  • Components of FF (fill factor) loss from I-V and cell resistance measurements, traced to second diode, emitter and BSF sheet resistance, contact resistance.
  • Analysis and discussions; suggestions for improvement and future work.

Cell doctor结合了各种太阳能电池水平测量和强大的建模软件,可以全面了解功率损耗,需要改进的地方以及需要改进的空间。客户还将获得Griddler 2.5 Pro中完整的太阳能电池模型以及1年的软件许可证,从中可以独立探索效率改进和优化电池设计。


  • 高精度电池I-V和spectral response参数,并与同类电池进行比较。
  • Jsc(电流密度)损失的成分。
  • J01和J02的功率损耗(饱和电流密度,与开路电压Voc有关)从光致发光(PL)图像功率损耗。
  • 从I-V和电池电阻测量中FF(填充因子)损失的成分,追溯到第二二极管,发射极和BSF薄层电阻,接触电阻。
  • 分析和讨论; 改进建议和跟进工作。

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