Griddler 2.5 PRO

Griddler 2.5 PRO is designed for researchers and engineers who have the need to evaluate different cell types, continually improve cell fabrication, understand limiting factors towards ultimately optimizing their solar cells, both under standard test conditions and out in the real world.  

Griddler 2.5 PRO专为研究人员和工程师而设,帮助您评估不同电池类型,不断改进电池制造,了解太阳能电池效率的限制因素,达成最终优化 (无论是在标准测试条件下还是在现实世界中)。

Griddler 2.5 Pro: YouTube Video Introduction

Griddler 2.5 Pro Features | 功能

1. Integration with PC1D doped layer calculations and interface to optics simulation programs | 与PC1D扩散层计算集成,并与光学仿真程序接口

Gridder 2.5 Pro: Screenshot 1

2. PERC solar cell rear local contacts calculations | PERC太阳能电池局部触点计算

Gridder 2.5 Pro: Screenshot 2

3. Detailed loss analysis and efficiency improvement predictions | 详细的损失分析和效率改进预测

Gridder 2.5 Pro: Screenshot 3

4. Constantly updated solar cell parameter database | 不断更新太阳能电池参数数据库

Gridder 2.5 Pro: Screenshot 4

5. Tandem solar cell simulation | 模拟双結叠层电池

Comparison between Griddler Pro and the Free Version | Griddler Pro和免费版本比较

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