Module | 组件模拟

Module Features | 功能

1. Import Griddler cell types that are defined to very fine details 导入详细的Griddler有限元模型

2. Simulate I-V curve and study spatial distribution of voltages and currents at different operating points 模拟I-V曲线并研究电压和电流的分布

3. Simulate partial shading 模拟局部阴影

4. Simulate non-uniform recombination, such as in potential induced degradation 模拟非均匀复合电流

5. Model backsheet scatter, causing enhanced coupling of light near edges of cells inside the module 光学模拟

Module: Screenshot 5

6. Simulate bifacial modules with rear incident light fields 模拟双面组件与背面光源

Module: Screenshot 6

7. Simulate the effect of local shunts 模拟局部短路的效果

Module: Screenshot 7

8. Rigorous calculations of shading by ribbon and update of ribbon resistance on the fly 准确计算焊带或叠片构成的阴影

9. Easy calculation of cables and connectors resistance 电缆和连接器电阻的计算

10. Easy insertion of different cell types into different positions of module

11. Easy insertion of bypass diodes 旁路二极管

12. Shingle interconnection with dissimilar cell shapes 轻易模拟用不同切片造成的叠片组件

13. Flexible definition of module layout 任意设计组件内的排放

14. Interconnection schemes by ribbon or conductive backsheet 利用焊带或导电背板去接駁電池片

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