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NEW!  Design and Simulate Solar Panels

Module: YouTube Video Introduction
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Module is an easy to use, yet powerful finite-element simulation program for solar panels.  Module works seamlessly with Griddler, which defines and simulates detailed cell level parameters.  With simulation down to detailed levels, you can rigorously investigate a myriad of real world problems, including partial shading, interconnection deterioration, mismatch losses, rear side nonuniform illumination, potential induced degradation, luminescence patterns.  Download the demo version to learn the possibilities!


Design and Simulate Solar Cells

Griddler 2.5: YouTube Video Introduction
Griddler 2.5: Screenshots

Free download | 免费下载

Learn About the Pro Version | 了解PRO版本

Griddler 2.5 is a free release of the solar cell finite-element model (FEM) simulation program developed at SERIS in 2013.  Over time, we made Griddler the platform to design solar cells, calculate solar cell efficiency, quantify limiting factors, store published cell parameters gathered from all over the world, and predict the rooms for improvement by employing different design changes.  It also works seamlessly with SolarEYE, which is a luminescence imaging platform that images and analyzes lab based cells and wafer samples, allowing the researcher to understand what are the main areas to improve in actual cells that are made in the manufacturing environment.  A lot of thought have been put in to make Griddler easy to use, practical, rigorous, and powerful.  We hope that it suits your needs.


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